ASA Chitose Association Inc
Fort Devens MA 

Fort Devens Training Center Ayer Massachusetts 
The Old Wooden Barracks

    Marching Off to School                                             Norm Gaul Company "C" 1958

The Old Wooden Barracks Inside and Out

USO                                                 The Little Club

Jim Bergman Clarence Bos                                  Leaving Fort Devens

John Henderson                                                   Going to School Winter 1958

             Norm Gaul                                                    Going to School Winter 1958

         Clarence Bos                                              Wise Lambert and Clarence Bos

            ? Clarence Bos            -1959-                         Wise Lambert, Clarence Bos, Norm Gaul

1958 (?), Braun, Gerald Hapgood                     1959 Clarence Bos reading Mad Magazine