ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 12

Milt Kessler

Photos from Milt Kessler 1957-1959
Tokyo Area                                                                     Chitose Home

Market in Chitose                                                        Air Shot of Mt. Fuji

Patching Roof in Chitose                                               Rural Homes in Otaru

                              Work Vehicles          Boys Festival: Number of Fish Indicates Number of Boys in Home

Road From Town to Base                                                   Cherry Blossoms

                 Downtown Chitose                                       Clothing and Futons Hanging Out to Dry

Milt's Chitose Home #228                                                          Child at Play             

Storing Up for a Chitose Winter                                               Side Street in Chitose

Main Street in Chitose                                                                Chitose Post Office

Kimono Clad Ladies                                                     Base Softball Game


                  Market in Chitose                                           Botanical Garden Tour in Sapporo