ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 15
Photos from 1957 to 1959 taken by Milt Kessler

Milt Kessler

Guard Mount                                                       Crafts Shop Chit l 1957

Movie Theater, Craft's Shop Chit lll 1958                                             JGSDF Camp                 


Steam Plant                                                             Winter of '58  

Milt's Best Friend "Gracie"                                                  Women Putting Down Sod

New Quonset Construction                                         Putting in the Quonset Floor

Putting in the Quonset Floor                                                     Air Terminal Chit l        

Special Services                                                          Plows Waiting for the Snow

Post Chapel Chit l

Chitose Gas Stations

Chitose Scenes

Downtown Chitose