ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 19
Photos of Chitose Japan Taken by Milt Kessler From 1957-1959

Dependent Housing                                                     New Road to Chit lll

New Gym, Theater, Craft Shop, Bowling Alley Chit lll

New Buildings Being Installed Chit lll

Installing Sidewalks

Entrance to Japanese Self Defence Forces Camp                                          JSDF Camp                       

         Milt                                                               Snow Statue of Milt (??)

                JSDF Snow Statue                                    Bldg 200 Japanese Headquarters/FEN

Winter 1958 Chitose

Winter 1958 Chitose

Air Raid Shelter Behind School                                             Patching Roof Chitose       

Line for Out House                                                          Out House       

   Street Scene Otaru                                                 Street Scene Sapporo