ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 6
Photos from Milt Kessler 1957-59

Milt Kessler

Main Gate Chit l                              Officer's Club Chit l

Dependent School             Chit l         Motor Pool and Canal

Chapel                                  Chit l                            NCO Club

Inside of Chapel Chit l                                          Lake Shikotsu

Officer's Housing Chit l                                        JASDF       

JAL Bilboard Unloading Freight                                     Chit l              

Hangar and Jet Chit l                                     Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu

Lake Shikotsu                                       Bowling Alley Chit lll

Bars Tomy and Nana                                 Road to Chitose

Coursen Theater                                       Bowling Alley Chit l