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Looking for anyone who was in chitose, Japan from May 1953 to October 1954 Hq.
Co. 3rd. BAt. 5th. Cav. 4th. Platoon.  Chitose Japan. Also the port at Yokahana,
I left my underwear hanging on the line when I got on the ship for San Francisco.
I WANT MY UNDERWEAR! Just kidding. E-mail    

Looking for korean vets who served in Chitose Japan in 1953.
Candelario Aguilar
 April 01, 2014

Dear Sir,

My friend has been looking for her father, Mr. Glenn Richard Oles (DATE OFBIRTH: JUNE 10, 1942). He was stationed in Chitose back in 1968-1969. She asked me to assist her in her search and I have come across your site, where he is listed as deceased. I also found out he was buried at Riverside National Cemetry.
She is coming to US in a few days to visit his grave and she would appreciate if you could supply her with any information you may have about her father. Mr Oles left Chitose before she was born and she never got to know him.
I am writing on her behalf, for her English is limited.
Please contact me at this e-mail.
Your response will be appreciated.
Rose Anne Bonner
July 27, 2013
Dear Mr. Getz,
First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Juri Tsujimoto, a friend of Ms. Rose Anne Bonner who has sent you a couple of E-mails about a month ago.
I was born as a child of Mr. Oles and my mother Hiromi Yabe on April 24, 1970. I have never seen my father in person but only in several photos.
I currently live in Sapporo, Japan and had a Chance to visit Orange  County, California this summer. Rose Anne was a great help to locate my father's grave in Riverside
National Cemetery and I was able to visit there with my husband and  two sons, 5 years old boy and 4 years old boy. I now feel much closer to my father but I would be even happier if
I could obtain more information about him.  I would really appreciate it if you could be a help. Please excuse my English, but I thank you for your time.
Juri Tsujimoto

Alan Kirk Sides
Hello, my name is Alan Sides.I would like to know any kind of information about my father Johnny Claud Sides.My father Johnny & my mother Kyoko met in Chitose base between 1960 to 62. I was born in 62.and I remember him telling me that he was working in FEN sometimes. I don't know anything about his rank or work he did while he was in ARMY.I would really love to know.
Unfortunately, they both past away few years ago.They lived most of their life in Sapporo.Thank you.
Alan Kirk Sides

Perhaps you can help  I am looking for a picture of Lt. Col. E.T.Gavin. I think he was Post  Engineer from 1957-1959.I was told a school on base was named after him? He died on base in 1959. I am his son and would very much like to acquire some photos as I have none. Let me thank you in advance for you time and effort on my behalf.
Lennox Gavin
 September 04, 2012

I'm looking for any information one might have of the following families who were in Chitose in the late fifties: Joe Gilstrap, Neil Graf, Tom Banfield
Thanks.  Cliff Lee Maloney son of  Edward Maloney and Anna Maloney.
August 18, 2012

I'm looking for any contact information anyone might have for Steve and Charles Adams aka The Adams Family, John L. Andrews, Dick Price (an SFC Trick Chief), and Boyd...can't remember his first name, but recall that he married a local girl just before he ETS'd.  All were O5H's during the 68-70 period.  Thanks.  Jerry McFarland
March 13, 2012

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
My name is Carrie Daubert and I work for the Clinton County Veterans Affairs. I am looking for information about the 12th USASA FLD STA Japan. I am working on a claim for a widow's pension, and the soldier, David Louis Valenstein, a dental officer, was sent TDY to Vietnam in 1964 from 12th USASA FLD STA. If you have any records, or know of anyone ever going TDY to Vietnam from 12th USASA FLD STA could you please let me know. If you or anyone you know have any documents, AAR's, mission reports, or any kind of document showing that the 12th USASA was sending TDY's to Vietnam please let me know. If you have any names from that station of people who are still living, that I could talk to could you give me their emails. Also, if you know of any websites that have any history of the 12th USASA.

Thank you and God Bless!
 November 26, 2011

Bill and Gloria Prudhomme have a friend named Ken Beers who was stationed at a field station above the artic circle in 1952-54. It was located on St. Lawrence Island in the town of Gambel on the western tip of coastal Island just off of Russia. It was called the 333 reconnaissance station, commanded by Captain Bernsten.  If you were stationed there or know anyone who was contact Ken Beers at  954-752-8729.  It will be interesting to find out more about this mysterious place.
Andy Goodrich
 October 14, 2011

I happened to come across your web site and hoped you might be able to assist me.  My sister and I were put up for adoption here in the US around 1960.   I was born in Hokkaido, Japan and know Chitose was on my original birth certificate, but not the name of my real parents. 
Having finally met up with my blood sister in 1974 (we were adopted by different families), she knew the name of our biological father which was Donald Fortin.  He would have been stationed in Hokkaido during 1954. 
If you do not know anything about him, perhaps you could post the information on your web  page in the vent someone else might know him.  My sister was born in 1956 at the army base in Kansas, so he was back in the States at that time.
Thank you.
Jan Rodriguez

April 02, 2011
I just found this site and is very interesting going back in time,  I was in Chitose from 1957 thru early 1960,  played baseball on the base team and also played for the Army allstar
team,  do you have contact with anyone who belonged to the SMOKE AND DRAGGERS motorcycle club we had on base,  I think Hank Lysaught was heading up the club at that
I would like to hear from anyone that might recongnize my name ..
Bob (frenchy) Pickard  
March 15, 2011

Dear Veterans,

If you are receiving this note, it is because I found your contact information while trying to research the Chitose orphanage sometime around 1952.  I am curious if you happen to know my father, John Grantham, who was stationed in Korea around the same time?  Or, if you happen to have any information regarding the orphanage?  My father's summary of his time in Korea is documented in the Library of Congress - Veteran's History Project, and I am trying to locate/make contact with a little girl who he had wanted to adopt then, but couldn't.  Below is an excerpt from the lengthy interview.  If any of you have recollection or know who may, I would be forever grateful if you could make contact with me.

Thank you so much - for your Service, and for any insight now,
Lori Combs (John's daughter)  
March 15, 2011


My father, Cecil "Jack" Kirby recently past away and I received his DD-214. He did not talk much about his service, but I am interested if anyone knew him. He served 9/56 to 7/59 in Japan assigned to 12th USASA Fld Sta APO 181. He told me he was stationed in Japan and worked Intelligence.  His last rank was E-5 and he received an Honorable discharge. Any information would be appreciated.

I also served in the Army from 9/82 to 7/86.
Cynthia Kirby

Posted  February 15, 2011

This is Tom Losee (Chitose '57-'59).  I've been looking for a Bob Bauer who shipped up to Chitose with me from Hawaii in late '57.  He was an 058 and was from Buckeye Lake, Ohio.  He took over as trick chief when Doug Mitchell left in the summer of '58.  Thanks, Tom

Dear Phil,
 This is a copy of the last letter from a lady looking for her birth mother. She was born in Chitose and needs someone to help her who can write in Japaneese to fill out the papers to release her paper work in Chitose. Much more to this story. Read her letter to me and hopefully you can post this letter and make a phone call or to to some of the ladies who might help her locat her mother.I will have her contact information available to anyone who is willing to help her.
Thank you,
David Larrew
Primary email address is:
This is a copy of the leter I received from Nancy
Mr. Larrew. Thanks again for your speedy reply. I apologize for the delay in responding to you. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day; especially at this time of year with all the holiday madness
To briefly answer your questions before I head out to the store again. Yes, you are welcome to post my "story" and info on the website you mentioned. I did take a quick peek last night (a few photos of the area). Below I listed all the information from the copy of the adoption decree; feel free to include all that in your posting.
I live in the greater Seattle area. My hometown is Monterey, CA (2.5 hrs south of S.F.). I moved to Seattle in early 2002. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to that next reunion in Hershey, PA.  I lived in Philadelphia for a few years back in the mid 90's. My ex husband is from Philly.
Extract of Family Register:
Registered domicile: 9-Banchi, 3-Chome, Asahi-cho, Chitose City, Hokkaido
Name: Yasuko Nishida (age 26)
*by report of the birth, this family registerwas complied relating to the mother on 16 May 1967 (seal)
Female - Nancy Sung
Mother: Yasuko Nishida
DOB: 5 April 1967
Born at: #11-Banchi, 1-Chome, Shinonome-cho, Chitsoe-Shi, Hokkaido on 5 April 1967, a report of her birth by the mother, Yasuko Nishida was accepted and entered into this family register on 16 May of the same year (seal)

* The notification of the adoption by Robert Hyde Britton and his wife, Jum Boon, American citizens, was given by the adoptive parents and mother Nishida, Yasuko; who has parental power and had given assent to this adoption and it was received on 29 June 1967 (seal)

* I certify that this is a true copy of the original family register
30 June 1967
File No: Chi-sho-150    
Tadao Yoneta, (sealed)
Mayor of Citose City

* This is to certify that the foregoing translation is true and correct to the best of my knowledge
Mikio Kawasaki
Advisor, PMO
Kuma Station

According to the limited info from my adopted mother (Jum Boon aka Yoshi), she met Yasuko at a bar or restaurant in Chitose. My birth mother was a very petite, soft spoken, 25 - 26 year old nurse; working at a private doctor's office (not at a hospital). No info about my birth father other than he was an American service member; more than likely an Army soldier. It's very possible that he knew Yasuko was pregnant, but did not offer any help & left her to her own devices. Yasuko stated she was afraid to go home to her family and had nowhere to live at the time. She stated that if someone would help her, she would be willing to give the baby up for adoption. Jum was not able to have a baby of her own. She felt sorry for Yasuko's situation. So they made the agreement for the adoption. Yasuko resided with my adoptive parents, in their on base quarters for most of her pregnancy (for aprox 6 months). During which time, they paid for all her medical expenses thru a private doctor. She had custody of me for approximately a month or so after I was born. During which time, she had a change of heart & wanted to keep me. Adoptive parents were fine with that, but there was the matter of reimbursement. They had provided financial support as well as all the fees involved with the adoption process. Being a young unwed mother with just a nurse's salary made that very difficult situation for Yasuko. So she relented & went ahead with the adoption process as agreed upon. My parents stated that Yasuko had admitted to being adopted herself. Also there was mention that she was was considering a move to Canada or the USA sometime after the adoption was complete.

The Britton family left Chitose around September 1967. After several years being stationed in Korea and other places, eventually we moved to Marina, CA (Monterey Peninsula) while dad was still in the Army. I was about 6 or 7 years old at that time. We resided there while he was stationed at various places over the course of my childhood. He retired as a Sargent Major after 30 years of service. During his time in, he worked in Public Relations, Journalism, TV/radio anchor. After retirement from active duty, he returned home to Marina, CA. He continued working in civil service first at the now defunct Ft. Ord Army base. When the base closed, he transferred to the Presidio of Monterey DLI - Defence Language Institute, to work for the base newspaper/magazine.

That is all the information I have. Of course all this transpired almost 44 years ago so their memory isn't 100% in tact for exact in depth details. I hope someone reads your post & can provide some additional information to help in my search. Thank you again!

Happy holidays to you & yours!

Best regards,
Posted December 25 2010

I stumbled onto your website while searching for an old shipmate of mine CT3 Robichaud.  He is shown on a 1960's group photo on your website. and I recognized him.  I would appreciate any contact information that you may have.
Thank you
Arnold H. Schwartz former CT2 USN
Posted October 12 2010

  I was married to Harvey (Bud)  Suckow and we were stationed in Chitose 2/66 through 4/69. Both of our sons were born in Chitose. I am trying to locate each of their Proxy God Parents. Names would be Mike and Karen Reinhold and Jack and Jeanne Bates. Any help would be appreciated. Jean (Suckow) Hose.  Thanks.

I am hoping you can help direct me to someone who might have information on who would have been the post engineer in June 1947.  I have an old Bible that has taken a roundabout way back from WWII. It was originally owned by a soldier, Edward Ford, but somehow ended up in the hands of a Lt. Forrest Blodgett who was on Hokkaido in June 1947. He gave it to his boss, the Post Engineer. I know this is probably impossible, but this bible has wandered from Delaware to the Pacific, to Japan, to Hawaii, and now to Korea and I am trying to create the chain of owners. To my surprise, after 4 years of searching, I was contacted by Mr. Ford's daughter in Texas and am sending her the bible. But there are two mysteries connected with this bible, one, the Post Engineer's name, and 2) a cultivated Japanese person wrote a classic western poem in Japanese in the back. I assume the contact with the Japanese person may have come on Hokkaido, but I would so like to find out the post engineer's name who was there in June, 1947.

Let me know if I am on an impossible task. We currently live in Korea. My husband is connected with the US forces relocation development project south of Seoul

Thanks for any help, or even generic info on the base at that time period. I attached the rather irreverent presentation page in the bible...they sound like they must have been fun guys.

Bobbie (and Jon) Herwig

I served at Kuma Station / Bank Head 02 from '66-'68 in the "Blue Van".  I would like to locate Dennis Austin and Clinton W. Armstrong who were in night school at Ft. Devins with me and served at Chitose at the same time.  
Lawton Baker

I was assigned to Chitose Mar62 to Mar 64. I am trying to find Eldon Fales who worked in supply. Can you help me?
William A. Scott Jr."

Does anyone remember Harold Wayne Werner?  He was my father and passed away 12 Feb 2009.  I am just looking for any stories to add to my remembrance book that I am making for my mother Mary Werner.  I attended the reunion at Colorado Springs as a Chitose Brat…I was the female Lt Col Terry Chase, USAF, now retired. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Terry L. Werner Chase, Colonel, USAF Ret

I'm trying to locate Dave Cannell who was in the TA section at Chitose in the late 60s and then later was the 1SG of the 522nd MI Bn (I think) at Ft. Hood, TX.  Any help would be appreciated.

Denny Osha

I am Dennis Mosley, trick one, 05K, 67-69. I have found most all of our "Trick One Animals" except for:
Tom Huggins
Willie Weinberg
Cratis Babcock
Bill Martin
Sam Finley
Pervis Rodgers
Tony Kopanski
Roger Clough
Aurelius Dorsey
Larry Nolan
Joe Houseman
Stan Winston
James Price
Sherman Edmonds
I'm asking for help in locating these lost animals. Dennis Mosely
My wife, Pat " Danford " Walton is looking for anyone that knows or knew Carolyn and Marilyn Eiland.  They were stationed there during the 63-65 period.  Pat's father was the mess NCOIC for HQ Company.
Please reply to or
Thank you in advance for any assistance.

Dwight "Ike" Lutz Chitose 67/68

My father was stationed as part of an Intel unit; he worked with reel to reels tracking top secret satellites I believe, which should be unclassified now. I am looking for old pictures of him and friends of his that may still be alive. I am Dwight’s son born in Japan 08/22/1967. My mother Katie and my father lived on base and I can remember some stories of the Sapporo Ice Festivals and of the large amount of snow on base during the winter. I myself am a proud veteran of the 3/325ABTC and was stationed in Vicenza Italy and served in North Iraq the First time trying to help the Kurds.  I do know my father had a Top Secret clearance which made it difficult to get my Secret clearance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dean Lutz

There is a picture in this new photo page showing a Lee Dunn who lived in the same barracks as me at Devens and we traveled by train across country in March of 58. We sailed to Japan on the Frederick Funstion, spent a week in Tokyo and at Chitose in early April 58.  I was assigned to trick 2 and Lee was assigned another trick.  Lee was from Alabama.  Does anyone know anything about him?  Dick Taaffe (

Charlie Corretto, Tom Cullum, Joe Krautkramer, Lober, Lee Dunn, Bob Hodgin, Conrad Brettin

I recently sent in some notes and recollections of my time in Chitose in the early 1960's. I would like to hear any information anyone may have on some of the guys I have lost contact with since leaving a generation (or Two) ago.
Gene Perry, was a Trick 1  059 E-5 in 1962 in Chitose, Re-enlisted for Germany.
SFC Tom Brennan Trick 1 NCOIC in 1961. Heard a rumor he had passed away, would like to confirm or re-establish contact. Any details would be appreciated.
Dennis Hawthorne, 059 Trick 1 One-Termer, Left after I did in 1963. Had the ability to pass gas on-call. Would like to know if that is still part of his life?
Bill Manette, Bill was a Delta Section Russian Speaker. He was on Trick 1 and from California and Mormon. Elijah Poinsette told me at one of the reunions that as a boy, Bill had delivered newspapers to his home in the days before Chitose (for any of us).  We have no info about him after Chitose. BTW I am not sure of the spelling of his last name, but I am close.
Ron Callahan, 059 Trick 1  from Michigan left in 1961.
S/Sgt Russell Jahn. Russ was a lifer. He did the food inspections for the Commissary and Mess Halls and ran the Pet-Care Clinic for small animals on Post. He had his wife and kids with him and lived in the dependents housing on Chit-3. He was also an active Mormon. He was still there when I left in 1963.
And finally,
 Robert Kelley, 059 Trick 1, Robert came to us after a tour in Sinop Turkey. he took my place in Room 7 of Echo Section.  Any info would be appreciated.
Email any details to   BOWENAJ@AOL.COM     Thanks in Advance

Charlie Wilson: 
The last I knew of Charlie, he was working for a large finance company in Dallas (collecting money). His wife's name was Carol and he had recently married (approximately 1982). I'm not sure who told me this, but he may have moved to Oklahoma and subsequently passed away in the early 90's????
Charlie was an 059 on Trick 2 and a perennial private. Usually in trouble for something but a good friend and a good guy. He used to call me every New Years eve and I saw him in Dallas a couple of times in the 80's
I'd just like to know what happened to him and hope and pray he's still around. Here is a photo of him from Chitose. Jim Kempf

Thom Roose Sr

Received the following from Thomas Roose Jr. Thom Sr worked in NM Chitose 63/65. I'm hoping someone in your organization may be able to help me. My father, Thomas A. Roose, recently passed away and I'm looking for background information on his service in Japan and perhaps elsewhere. I know he was stationed at Chitose from May 63 to Mar 65 as a Sp4 Teletype Translator, but that is all I know. If there is anyone who knew him or could verify his service there or elsewhere in SE Asia, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and assistance. Thom is up on e-mail at or can be reached on 513-708-1726.

I would like to find out if anyone knows where Dick Smith currently resides. The last I knew he was working for American Airlines in Dallas, TX.

I just returned from Dallas and the personnel there indicated that Dick had retired and, of course, no one knows where he went.

Dick was originally from the Detroit area.

If anyone knows his whereabouts, please e-mail me at


I am looking for a lost buddy.  R.C. Graham Jr.  (Robert Clinton Graham Jr.).  Chitose 1960-66 I believe.  His military records were listed as R. C.  He was a Teletype Repairman in the Operations Building.  I believe he was from Gastonia or Charlott, North Carolina.  He lived off post with his wife and three children.

Tom Molter

My father was stationed in Hokkaido, as part of the Army of Occupation, in 1948. He was assigned to the 31st Infantry (Polar Bear)Regiment of  the 7th Infantry Division. We were billeted in Chitose for a while, until we got quarters in Camp Crawford (10 mi West of Sapporo).

The 7th Infantry (Hourglass Division) was called to Korea in 1950, and  the dependendents stayed behind in Camp Crawford, until the Army could  no longer guarantee our safety. We left Japan for the US in 1951 and  awaited my father's return in 1952. I'd be happy to know if anyone has any information about Chitose Air  Base on or about 1948 and/or Camp Crawford from 1948-1951.

Vince Mattaliano
Pompton Plains, NJ

I am looking for someone who may have been friends with a Jack (JT?) Keller Chitose 60-63. His son Jason would like to contact some of his old friends to find out more of his dad's days at Chitose. He recalls his father having been friends with a big Texan and a Jewish fellow. He also had a quote from Tolstoy in his locker. or 

      Does anyone recognise Jim Griffin?                                                                                                              
Jim recently passed away and his childhood sweetheart and family are looking for photographs and memories of his time in Chitose. Received the following email:
I hope you might know of Jim he was in the 12th when first sent to the Army in Chitose Japan in January 15, 1963-65. He was moved to a new bldg. on Chit III in July of 1963 where he said he had plenty of working room and 3 bays to work in. He said since he was a Pfc. and a 766 he would be the "head Honcho, boss" there with a new guy to help him do the work. He joined in October 15, 1962, and did his basic training at Ft. Gordon Ga. and was sent to Japan without leave. He talked about knowing a Mike Maxwell, Ron Abbott and a Keith Baggie. He was to try out for the Post basketball team, or Headquarters team which the coach was sure he would make but also talked about the 11opns and 12opns teams. I know that he played basketball against the Japanese if that helps. We grew up together and I was his first love at the old age of 14 and he was 17, but we knew each other from elementary through High School where he gave up a promising basketball scholarship in his Senior year and joined the Army after a fight with his abusive father. I am trying to find pictures of any kind of him for his family and especially would love a picture of him on the basketball team in 1963-64-65.
Linda Lewis-Craig

1964 Post Headquarters Basketball Team
Jim is in front row far left.