ASA Chitose Association
Recent Trips

Group Trip in 1999 at Banquet Held in Our Honor
Photos from a trip in 2006 from Jim and Judy MacDonald (62-64) 
The first is the gate to what was the old base.
The second is me (Judy) walking along what we affectionally called "Humanity Creek" which ran outside the old base. 
We called it Humanity Creek because we said if you stood by it long enough you could see all of the elements of humanity wash by.

Third and fourth are the places where we had rooms before we moved to what was called "Little America." 
The "Little America" area seems to have all changed, but this building has remain virtually unchanged.

The fifth is looking down the street to town.  It used to be mud and some may remember the boots
 that we would wear to get through all the mud and slush around town.  And, the
last is the White Bear Bar.  We stopped there one evening and it was like a step back into the Twilight Zone. 
It was much the same and the woman who owns it was the daughter of the original owner. 
There was only one other person there -- a woman who had been in the area in the 60s. 
She sang a song and sat with us for awhile.  Since there were so few customers, it may have closed by now.  
Judy S. MacDonald

Trip in 2004

Group Photo 2004 Trip

Bill Reich with Blondie of Blondies Restaurant and her son .Convenience Store and McDonalds

KFC and Pizza Hut

Sheila McCann and the Late Jerry Koula Presenting Gifts to Post Commanders 2004

Chitose Brat Dave Shaner (58/64) after finding his old home and on top of Mt Tarumae 2004 Trip

2004 Trip  Historical Village in Sapporo

2004 Trip  Historical Village in Sapporo

1999 Trip
      Chuo Bus Station (now closed)              1999 Trip             Chit l   Air Operations                    

Library/Service Club Chit lll

Downtown Chitose 1999