ASA Chitose Association
2017 Reunion North Little Rock Arkansas

Plaque presented to the group from the Mayor of North Little Rock.
September 7th was proclaimed USASA Chitose Association Veterans Day

Hospitality Suite Photos
photos from Roy Baum and Phil Peters

Paul Ames and Jim Edens holding up the reunion banner.

Paul Ames checking in Phil Lux.

Harry Garcia and Arthur Reph relaxing on the sofa in one of two rooms comprising the Hospitality Suite.

Cleat Gardner and Roy Colglazier

Linda and Bill Mitchell with Jim Edens in room 2 of the Hospitality Suite.

Kim Heller, Kisun Lux and Nomi Barry.

Larry Heller and Jim Pro.

Eileen Goodrich, Willa and Ron Nichols, John Etheridge. Dave Jocelyn in the rear.

Andy Goodrich, Kathleen and Al Tarlecki, Rick Barry.

Anabel Hopkins, Eileen Goodrich, Willa Nichols, Andy Goodrich, Harry Hopkins Fred Bittner, Jet Klein.
Jan Patten and John Etheridge with their backs toward us.

Al and Kathleen Tarlecki, Pat Baum, Mary Calder, Lily Garcia and Sharon Holtz

Pinochle Players: Jim Edens, Rick Barry, Harry Garcia and Dick Burdick

Pinochle Players: Cleat Gardner,  Fred Bittner and Mary Calder. Hidden from photo is Linda Mitchell. (See above photo)

Kim Heller, Kisun Lux, and Nomi Barry play a game of their own.

Anabel and Harry Hopkins, Andy and Eileen Goodrich, Louise Damon and Jan Patten.

Martin and Sylvia  Rossbach, Deretha Ames, Sandy Pro, Walt Gill and Harry Hopkins.

Steve Pitonyak, John Kaye, Harry Hopkins and Silvia Rossbach

Milt Kessler, Deretha Ames, Phil Lux, Kumi Kaye, Kim and Larry Heller, Paul Ames, Sandy Pro and Don Holtz.