ASA Chitose Association
2017 North Little Rock Arkansas
Tour Day 2
Photos from Roy Balm, Phil Peters, Willa Nichols and John Etheridge.

Our tour guide.

Kathleen and Al Tarlecki, Martin Rossbach on the bus.

Heading to Hot Springs.

Willa Nichols and Eileen Goodrich in front of the Buckstaff Bathhouse where some of the group went.

The Baths abound in Hot Springs.

Visitors Center which was formerly a bath.

Arlington Hotel another piece of history.

Another historic building in town. 

Some of the group went gambling. Pat Baum eyeing the casino.

How about some horse racing.

Looks like a pretty nice track.

Hot spring flowing down Hot Springs Mountain.

While some took steam baths I decided to hike to the top of Hot Springs Mountain.

View from the tower at Hot Springs Mountain.

 Although I hiked to the top of the mountain I rode the elevator to the top of the tower.

Fountain in the city.

Eileen and Andy Goodrich along with Kathleen Tarlecki looking for a place to eat.

Ron Nichols, Jim Damon, Jan Patten, Eileen and Andy Goodrich, Harry Hopkins, Louise Damon, Anabel Hopkins, Willa Nichols