ASA Chitose Association Inc
North Little Rock Arkansas 2017

Miscellaneous Photos
from Milt Kessler, Roy Baum, Phil Peters, Jim Edens and John Etheridge

The Trolley that got us from North Little Rock to Little Rock.

Roy Baum and Al Tarlecki waiting for the trolley.

Here it comes. A look at the inside of the trolley.

Jan Patten and John Etheridge thinking ahead to next year's reunion in Ohio.

Picture painted by Deretha Ames. Isn't it great to be talented.

Another picture painted by Deretha Ames. These pictures were donated to the reunion raffle. Thanks Deretha.

Jim Edens 2018 host at the diamond mine. Hope he found his wife a nice diamond.

Roy Colglazier, Linda Mitchell, Jet Klein, and Richard Burdick. Must not be an exciting football game.

Eldon Screws in the lobby of the hotel catching up on the news.

Phil Lux with Sylvia and Martin Rossbach in the hospitality suite.

Richard Burdick and Walt Gill.

Walt Gill, Deretha Ames and Sandy Pro.

Jim Pro and Paul Ames

Sandy Pro, Michelle Burdick and Larry Heller.

Sandy and Jim Pro with Michelle Burdick

Kim and Larry Heller

The Arkansas Inland Maritme Museum. The USS Hoga tug and USS Razorback sub from WWII.

Roy Baum, Bill Mitchell, Phil Peters, Al Tarlecki, Martin Rossbach, Frank and Jeanette Walker, Arthur Reph and Harry Garcia