ASA Chitose Association Inc.
Kuma Station 1960s

Main Gate

Finance Office with main gate to the left            Higuma Hall under construction

A Room at the Inn

      To the left is the baseball field and the MARS station.  (R) MARS in winter                                

NCO Open Mess Chit lll

Loading busses in front of new library/service club to go to Ops,
 also used to escape to Chitose Town

OPS. Photo on right shows the guard shack and entrance to the compound.       (Ops building is no longer used)

I think this is the Snack Bar area of Chit lll

          Going Home- The Departure Area      Chitose I  JSDF Hdq and FEN (bkrnd)      


Gym, theater, bowling alley, craft shop and new NCO Club

Inside Activities  Bowling and the Day Room

Honey Bucket Bowl 1960

Higuma hall                           1967                      Motorcycle shed