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         Roy Gettz

       Roy Gettz
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Secretary’s Report by Roy Gettz
Requirements for Active membership for eligible personnel is payment of $5.00 annual dues. 
Active membership is required to receive the newsletter and attend reunions. Dues may be paid as far in advance as the individual desires. 
Widows (who pay no dues) are requested to contact the Secretary every two years to let us know they are interested in maintaining active status. Newly-located personnel are carried on active status as a courtesy for the dues year they are located in. 
The dues year starts on January 1 and we are now in dues year 2017. Your dues status is above your address; if 2017 or later is not above your name, your dues have expired.  
Please send while this is fresh in your mind. Dues notices are not normally sent out to keep expenses down.   Dues check should be made out to ASA Chitose Assn. and sent to Roy Gettz at 3091 Blackbird Ct, Melbourne, FL 32935.   Do not consolidate check with purchase of mail order items.
Special note: There are 2603 on the roster: 537 are dues paying; we have 164 whose dues expire in 2017; and 408 who relocated without a change of address. Sorry to say we have 1033 alumni who are deceased . 

To Summarize:

1. The main functions of our association are:

A. Set up annual reunions around the country

B. Maintain a home page on the internet.

C. Publish a newsletter twice a year

D. Maintain a list of members

 All are encouraged to go up and visit our home page for updates. Roy Gettz can not reach all on his periodic updates (particularly those on AOL) since he is treated as spam by a lot of servers when sending messages out in bulk. Recently we have added a list of members who due to privacy issues, does not include postal, e-mail or telephone information. Active members can coordinate with Roy Gettz for this information.

Roy Gettz - 3091 Blackbird Ct,
Melbourne, FL 32935 -