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[Image]  Sapporo: Past and Present

Sapporo 2006

Sapporo Odori Park 2004

From Tim Gilley 1956           View from the Sapporo Tower           2004

1963      Sapporo Tower      1999

1963                   Statues                    2004

1963  Although Odori Park hasn't changed much over the years.......2004

The skyline has.

   Sapporo Street Scenes from 1957  

   Snow Festival in 1957  

Left  Jack Golden and Ron Mayer at the Shopping Arcade in 1966 Right in 1999

Shrine on left, Sapporo Dome right. Seats 40,000 and was completed in 2001.
Used for soccer and baseball. The soccer field rolls in and out of the stadium so they can have natural grass.

(L) Streetcars in 1964         
 (R) The shelter at the terminal of the only remaining streetcar line in Sapporo in 1999 

1961  Sapporo Beer Brewery  1970 
 No longer there, the brewery is now located in Chitose.

Odori Park Sapporo 2004

Sapporo 1963

Sapporo 2013