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Our Members: Then and Now

Latest Addition in RED
This page will allow those not attending the reunions to see how much we've improved over the years.
Photos are somewhat in alphabetical order.

1957 Tony and Val Antonello                                               1962 Ed Bandlow

  1953 Jim Brock                                              1958 Bill Burrell

Fred "Buddy"  Bishop                                       1956 Jim Brock Ron Dakin 

1957 Johnny Brown                                                 1953 Hank Buie

               1955 Jim Burris                                       1959 Charlie and Joyce Coretto     
      1957 Mambo Cole (NCO Club)                                                       

            1953 Bob Craft                                               1963 Brock Grier  
             1955 Jacque Crevier                                        1955 Ron Dakin  

   1962 Jim Damon                                       1957 Carlo Giovannitti      

John Davis                                                          Keith Davis     

Marie and Charley Dawson                             1962 Al "Jack" DeBolt

                1963 Brad Early                                       1965 Charlie and Kayoko Ferrell
1968 Franklin Park Zoo Band 2004
Rick Gray, Tim Hilliard, Tom Sellew, Jack Adams, Allen Biddlingmeier
Tom Sellew, Rick Gray, Jack Adams, Allen Biddlingmeier, Ed Tuffy

1958 Norm and Bobbie Gaul                                        Tim and Doris Gilley

                                                                      1958 Harold O'Donnell                                                                            

1969 Kenneth and Kazuko (Kay) Godfrey 2011

1961 Andy Goodrich                                     1964 Walt and Carol Grunden       

1963 John Haberstroh, Bill Stromdahl, Bob Denny

1957 Clark Halstead                                          1958 Bill Hopf

1961 Harry hopkins                                        1957 Lynn Hornbuckle

Bill and Grace Hughes                                        1960 Jim Kempf  

1958 Milt Kessler                                                 Norm Kitchin

Ken "Punchy" Kraft, Harvey Tibbetts, Roy Gettz   Roy and Punchy

Dave and Linda Larrew                                    Phil Leighton

                     Fred Bertelson, Ron Limpach..... Ron                 1962 Chuck Lopushansky and Grandson Eric

               1058 Tom Losee                       Bill and Mary Alice MacDonald

    Bob Martz     
1954 Lou Marinaccio                                                1962 Ron Nichols

1960 Hugh "Slick" Mefford                           1962 Phil Peters

   Norman and Hisako Miles                              1962 Dave Moseby Al "Jack" DeBolt

Bill and Yasuko Mirrielees                                                                      Don Moeller 

      1959 Frank Newland

1959 Jim and Ann Osborne                                          Dave Ott       

1960 Cy Palazzo   Frank Newland           
     1964 Bob Peterson                                                   1957 Ed Propst

1962 Steve and Bette Rainwater                           Dennis and Caroline Robson

1953 Bob and Marge Ruehrdanz                                              Cal Runyon        

John and Midori Ryan                                               Steve Sells  

1961  (Brat) Dave "Mike"  and Kim Shaner                            Dick and Helen Smith     

Jim and Jan Teal                                             1956 Hal Teto        

1955 Warren Stowell                                                     Gary Townsend 
1962 Sam Valenti Chuck "Bernie" Bernstein 
Chuck Berg, Chuck "Bernie Bernstein", John Warren, and Sam Valenti

1958 Jack valentine                                               1958 Roy VanOrder

 1957 Ron Wolfe         1953 Frank Ybarra and Bob Ruehrdanz   Frank and Marge
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