ASA Chitose Association Inc
Kuma Station Present

Chit l  Hangar Area

         Bld 200   (Headquarters) New Barracks (Japanese Air Self Defense Force)

New Main Gate to Chit ll and Chit lll           Headquarters Bldg (2004 Trip)

Hibachi Hall Later Named Higuma Hall Chit lll

Hibachi/Higuma Hall                                    Townsend Hall

Theater/Craft Shop/ Bowling Alley               Library/ Service Center

New Barracks (Japanese Ground Self Defense Force) and Old NCO Club

  Commisary Warehouse        Old Dependent School and Teacher Mandy Irving
Old Snack Bar Chit lll                                                      Chapel Chit l
Operation's Bldg.  (No Longer Used)

MARS Station (No Longer Used)