ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 4

Photos from Milt Kessler 1957-1959
Keith Lehman Chit lll Snack Bar                       Chit lll Barber Shop      

(L) Don Boyce, Lyn Hornbuckle, Tank Davis
(R) Arnold Saltzman, Bob Lawrence, Bob Jones, Warren Alpaugh

Bay Area-Barracks 106                                        Bobby Jackson    

Motor Pool Chit lll      Wegman and Ernie Dierick at Wanabe's Restaurant Sapporo

John Curle and Stu Workin-Day Room        Sunday Service-Snowflake Theater

Snowflake Theater                                 Frank Bicio and Bob Meyer

(L) Cristmas Dinner at Chit lll Mess Hall
(R) Billy McLeod with Mess Hall Waitresses

NCO Club 1957 (rear)                        Addition to Library Chit lll

(L) Toni Van Order and Joe Sexton
(R) Larry Shirk, John Curle, Sid Shores, Al Powvorznik, Norm Thomas

Company Area Winter                            1958 Boiler House Chit lll

   Chitose River 1958                           Guard Mount at the Old Front Gate

Col Radke, Col stewart                             Larry Saloman