ASA Chitose Association
Milt's Photos 5
Photos from Milt Kessler 1955-1957

Milt and his camera.

Kuma Bear Front Gate Castle and Cycil Page

Marty Garo, Larry Shirk, Bob Vodo                         Chitose River Winter 1958

              Harold Cox                                       Chitose River Winter 1958

Main Gate 1957-58                                 Chitose Winter 1958

Bowling Alley, Craft Shop             Winter 1958                    Chitose                  

Barracks             Winter of 1958               Chitose

Gym, Craft Shop          Winter 1958               Chitose City

Rear of NCO Club Winter 1958               Dependent Housing Chit lll 1957

Dependent Housing Chit lll 1957          Norm Kitchin's Car, 3/4 Ton Msg Center

Library Chit lll Reading Room                                      Chapel Chit l         

Snack Bar Chit l                                                        Bldg 200

Bldg 200                                                         Hangar Chit l