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 (L) "WELCOME TO KUMA STATION"  From Gary Kirkpatrick
Gary has reproduced the official army brochure welcoming you to Kuma Station circa mid 60's
To see the full brochure click on this link

(R) The Final Edition of the Chitose Courier December 1970

Latest addition in RED

Ainu wood carving from Phil Peters  12/17/2017

Ainu wood carving from Phil Peters

1956 Menu from Walter Stein (AF)  12/17/2017

Pistol Team Patch from Steve Rainwater

Ski Club Patch from Ed Slater 72-75

Smoke and Daggers Patch
from Harvey Dietz TK 2 60/62 added 4/10/2018
Trick 1

Illustrated by
Ace Dorsey

Pistol Team

Echo Section

Trick Two

Trick Two

Kuma Station Jacket submitted
by Jay Keller son of Jack Keller 60-63

R-390 Spotted at a flea market. From Bob "Pete" Peterson

Match Boxes From Phil Peters

Chit Books From Gordon Holmes

                                Meal Ticket from Steve Rainwater                                                  

MPC From Terry Oden
             MPC From Vince Mattaliano 1948 (Brat)                      NCO Club Card from Roy VanOrder 

Bumper Sticker and Licence Plate (Above) and Pen, Motorcycle Club, Meal Card and Driver's Licence
(Below) From Rick Eliopoulos (Ellison)


Yen 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100  from Phil Peters

1 Yen Note from Roy Van Order

Souvenier of 1999 Trip to Chitose from Phil Peters

Chitose Coin

  Nat'l ASA Patch                   ASA Crest                                              
Kuma Station "Forewarned Is Forearmed"Crest supplied by Bruce Garner   

Program From GI Theater                    Chitose Confidential Jul56
From Bill Fulbright                                From Tim Gilley

Holiday Menus from Jack DeBolt

Christmas Menu from Milt Kessler

(L) Chitose Confidential Oct 1960 "Which Way" Bob Walsh and Ken Chance 
(R) Trick Two Character Set Contributed by Dennis Mosely 

ASA Recruitment Flyer (and Pistol Team Patch) from Steve Rainwater

MARS Station QSL Card from Lee Krsien

Certificate of Achievement from Bill Hallett

    Col. Everett G. King Kuma Station Bears Photos Compliments of  Brian DuPuis   02/04/2016

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