ASA Chitose Association
2017 Reunion Little Rock Arkansas
A great reunion hosted by Deretha and Paul Ames

Photos supplied by Jim Eden

Jim and Sandy Pro                                                                         John and Kumi Kaye  

Al Slayton                                                                            Willa and Ron Nichols

Louise and Jim Damon                                                                           Milt Kessler       

Bobbie and Eldon Screws                                                             Jet Klein and Fred Bittner 

Nomi and Rick Barry                                                                     Kim and Larry Heller 

Kieko and Charles Murphy                                             Kyoko Kelly (Kumi Kaye's sister)

             Steve Pitonyak                                                                             Madeline and Arthur Reph   

Janet Patten and John Etheridge                                                      Phil and Kisun Lux          

             Roy Colglazier                                                                  Ruth and Warren Alpaugh

Lilly and Harry Garcia                                                          Carolyn and Dennis Robson

Jeanette and Cleat Gardner                                                           Kathleen and Al Tarlecki

Chitose Brat Dave Shaner                                                            Richard and Michelle Burdick 

Mary Calder                                                                              Roy Gettz

Pat and Roy Baum                                                                 Linda and Bill Mitchell

Eileen and Andy Goodrich                                                                    Phil Peters             

Linda Mitchell                                                                              Jim Edens

Don and Sharon Holtz                                                                              Walt Gill     

Anabel and Harry Hopkins                                            Deretha and Paul Ames