ASA Chitose Association Inc.
Sixties Mix 3

Air shot of Chitose lll

Photos From Bill Mirrielees 1963-1965

Chitose Festival                                                               Chitose River

         Chitose Festival     A visit to the Sapporo Brewery

A Trip to Otaru  (Trick 4)                                        Shiroi Festival

(L) Shiroi Trip
(R) Litttlecott unloading gifts at the orphanage

Shiroi Festival

Photos late 60s
From Dennis Mosely and Ed Tuffy

Bars                                                                        Bus Stop

Chitose Fire Station                                                               Market

               Meat Market                   Recreation Area at Lake Shikotsu

EM Club                                                       Dennis Mosely

Snow Chit l                                                  Theater Complex Chit lll

Franklin Park Zoo Band Performs on Chit lll

(L) The Franlin Park Zoo Band- Rick Gray, Tim Hilliard, Tom Sellew, Jack Adams, Allen Biddlingmeier
(R)  FPZ Band at the USARPAC Entertainment Contest 1968    Rick Gray, *Ray Kaneyama, Tom Sellew,
Ed Tuffy, *Herman Connaway,*Paul Hjeim, Tim Hilliard, Jack Adams,  Allen Biddlingmeier 
*Denotes Non members