ASA Chitose Association
Poet's Corner 
A Tribute to Ezio M. Tozzi (64/67)

Ezio Tozzi ASA Chitose Association Chaplain
Nov 8, 1929 - May 22, 2013

Postscript: My Life’s memories would be incomplete without touching upon my favorite pastime, writing poetry.
Poetry is an abbreviated way to tell a story that inspires or touches the heart in a unique way, sometimes with a bit of humor to enlighten the spirit.
In Life’s Journey, it’s what we learn after we “Know It All” that really counts!


                                                                                                          E. M. T

My Legacy

Some days were good...some days were sad;
But Lord I gave it all I had.
With spirit abounding to carry my "cross"
Some battles were won...some battles were lost.

I reflect on my past, on most every chore...
Then contemplate: "Could I have done more?"
But, to look back would be a formidable task...
What lies in the future, is difficult to ask.

My time and talents were "gifts" to invest...
To do my best and let God do the rest.
Giving of my "treasures" will truly beam...
Like helping others achieve a goal or dream.

How humble to realize, at each new dawn:
All my yesterdays are forever gone.
Thus, it's today I must act and not remain mum,
For my "tomorrow" may never come.

My "highway to heaven" and happiness,
Lies in saint-like deeds...with a very small "s"...
To give life's journey my best each day,
In doing great things in a very small way.

Life's journey remains arduous, but I readily admit...
To rest when I must...but never to quit.
By selfless actions, I can never foresee:
My Legacy of Love to God and my country!
                                                          -Ezio M. Tozzi 


The Lord held out a vacancy sign-
From His Celestial Palace...
He offered everlasting life,
To those who drink from His Golden Chalice.

As a proud serviceman I bravely stepped forth,
Beyond the horizon of Earth's vast curve...
And serenely entered through pearly gates-
Saying "Dear Lord, I'm ready to serve!"

The Lord has now embraced me-
Yes, I am willing to serve once again...
In the Christian service of our Lord,
In the realm of God's domain.

Yes, I'll daily answer reveille's call,
With the legions of heroes so vast...
My days of glory have just begun,
With the honored men of America's past.

Nothing on Earth is ever lost,
For we know where Angels reign...
What has passed from our vision here,
Will forever remain a Heavenly gain.

So when you look to the heavens each day,
Just think of me as "Reassigned"-
Beyond the rainbow there's an Honor Roll,
Where our nation's heroes are enshrined.

                                     -Ezio M. Tozzi

More Questions Than Answers: The Pill

I find myself rather perplexed,

And I’d really like to know,

When I take a prescription pill,

How does it know just where to go?

After I place it in my mouth,

It goes somewhere inside,

I’m confounded where it really goes,

And how does it decide?

Is there a secret traffic cop

That gives the pill its direction?

Or, does the pill have a mind of its own,

In serving its own discretion?

I feel I have so little control,

On how that pill will work,

How does it know just what to do?

And when does it start to perk?

Is that pill just smarter than me?

Well, vaguely I have to believe,

The doctors know what the pill must do,

With mystical knowledge up their sleeve.

So, I’ll just have faith in doctors and pills,

For all the benefits they’re giving,

Knowing that each is doing its duty,

The proof is I’m still living!

Thus, I tip my hat to the doctors and pills,

And in gratitude I humbly say,

“You’re simply both true miracles of wonder,

In helping me through each day!”
                                       -Ezio M. Tozzi


Are We Rich Or Are We Poor?

Are we rich or are we poor,

The answer may lie on who’s keeping score.

How do mortals determine their wealth?

Is it by materialism or is it by health?

Is it by financial success?

Or should it be how we’ve been blest?

The fact remains and it’s quite true,

The answer depends on your point of view.

We now live in a materialistic age,

Where acquiring more is quite the rage.

On that concept…before we’re hooked,

Let’s pass in review on things overlooked.

You surmise your prayers, the Lord did not heed,

And yet we are given what we truly need.

We are blest with clothes to keep us warm,

And a home to shelter us from the storm.

Lest we forget, where richness commences,

It’s being blest with our five senses.

And riches untold will always increase,

When a home is blest with God as the centerpiece.

What price can we put on a friendly smile?

Or a handshake or “God bless you” that’s always in style?

Now think of the sun, the stars, the seas,

They are God’s gifts…all free to please.

The wonders of nature make our world greater,

They’re additional riches from our Creator.

Sharing our time, talents and by our giving,

Makes us mini “saints” among the living.

We need not resort to second guessing,

The value of health, serving and counting each blessing.

These are the riches allowing our spirit to soar,

And a vivid reminder “We will never be poor!”

-Ezio M. Tozzi


Spring Fever

Every Spring I’m a firm believer,
That everyone somehow, catches Spring Fever;
It’s a lazy feeling that will often tease _
And tells each one to “SLOW UP PLEASE.”

Human beings are victims who
Are caught up in a lackadaisical bug_a_boo.
You catch it at night or even at dawn ….
And sometimes after Spring is gone

Its symptoms are a leisure pace _
And work just seems so out of place.
Your mood reveals a real odd quirk _
When duties press _ you’d rather shirk.

The weather plays an important part,
In giving SPRING FEVER its feverish start.
When it’s time to be busy as a beaver,
We seem to be bitten by SPRING FEVER.

We know the cause…… but what’s the cure?
There are many remedies you may be sure;
But “work” is the best one that I know,
To deal SPRING FEVER a fatal blow!

-Ezio M. Tozzi
If only money grew on Trees

Life would certainly be a breeze,
If only money grew on trees.
Just think how life would be sublime,
To grasp the pickings at harvest time.

But, such hopes are really dim,
To see a tree filled to the brim _
With money oozing everywhere …..
The perfect answer to a prayer.

Money growing from bottom to top,
Would be considered as “the cream of the crop.”
Life would appear to be one of ease.
If only money grew on Trees.

Would bills be of every denomination
Rectify the ills throughout creation?
The question remains, that we can’t shirk;
Who is on earth would do the work?

If everyone was a millionaire _
And living in a rocking chair
There wouldn’t be any productive yield _
No factory worker _ no fertile field.

Idle hands would lead to ruination….
The downfall of every lackadaisical nation.
For serenity and prosperity,
Work remains mankind’s safety key!
-Ezio M. Tozzi


Grandparents – A Mission of Love

Grandparents are a super Blessing ____
Guardian ANGELS so impressing.

When the truth is told about their worth,

They are God’s helpers sent to Earth.

They are kind and gentle as can be ………

The vital roots of the family tree.

With grand children they are the greatest hit _

Endowed with gracious wisdom and wit.

Grandparents are truly set apart,

Who exemplify the meaning of heart.

They are dear souls beyond compare,

Who teach in ways to care and share.

Grandmothers are endearing and so gentle;

Her ways are sweet and sentimental.

Her cooking is scrumptious and delicious…..

To satisfy her grandchildren’s taste bud wishes.

Grandfathers deserve a world of praise ____

With stories of the good old days.

Grandfathers are always in demand,

When it comes to lending a helping hand.

Grandmothers and grandfathers are quite ample,

When it comes to setting the example.

Grandparents are endowed from Heaven above_

To show the world the meaning of “Love!”

                            By Ezio M. Tozzi

Where Beauty Abounds

Where does beauty really lie?
In land… or sea …perhaps the sky?
Beauty in mystic …so sweet and fair;

It’s found in words >>> in sonnets and prayer.

Beauty will always linger a while,
It’s there in every single smile;
There is beauty in the stars above
And every heart that’s filled with love

There is beauty everywhere we look –
In oceans vast to tiny brook.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
From the young at heart to those much older..

We see it where there’s dignity and grace;
We see it in each pleasant face.
Beauty bounds in every nation …
In all the wonders of creation.

There’s beauty in creatures large and small …
In winter, summer, spring and fall …
In taking time to smell the flowers …
A refreshing breeze … the springtime showers.

There’s beauty in the wonders of the world,
And in seeing our glorious flag unfurled.
And beauty is in a precious blend,
Of helpful neighbor and loving friend.

Beauty plays its greatest role,
It dwells within each blessed soul.
For truly beauty has its start,
Within the birth of a human heart.

A candle lit – (no darkness to curse)
Beautifies this universe;
Beauty is everywhere you see …
It’s spread from here to eternity!
By: Ezio M. Tozzi



A Timeless Friend

This is not a fancy rhyme,
About a dog and telling time;
With precious instincts from his prime.

He knows how to make a day complete;
He knows when it is time to eat;
He knows when it’s time for his favorite treat.

He’s more clever than a shark;
He’s a guard dog and knows the time to bark;
He knows when it’s time for a walk in the park.

At running there is none more faster;
He knows the time to protect his master;
He’s there in time of impending disaster.

He knows when it’s time to sit on your lap;
His sense of smell is like a map;
He knows when it’s time to take a nap.

Daytime or Nighttime, on him you depend -
Assuredly he is man’s best friend ….
He’s proven that time and time again,

In whatever area a dog is zoned,     
His timeless skills are sharply honed -
Although a clock he’s never owned.
By Ezio M. Tozzi

Giving Our Life to Humanity

Within the realm of your heart and mine-
It's the love within that makes us shine,
And love is the greatest for us to fulfill.....
Our destiny is serving towards peace and goodwill.

We encounter in life the "Mountains" and "Ridges," 
Highways, byways, tunnels and bridges.
So many paths_but where do they lead?
They are the thoroughfares to people in need.

Indeed there's a sea of humanity,
Where their road dead ended with poverty.
They are all God's children trying to cope_
With but two choices: PRAYER and HOPE.

Hope that humanity will understand,
Their greatest need is a helping hand.
It is giving that we truly find,
The benefits and blessings to all mankind.

Where poverty exists_both day and night,
Is there a solution to their saddened plight?
The answer lies among the living....
And their spirit graciously giving.

Your time, talent, and treasure can be the start,
That all begins with a grateful heart.
Giving may encompass so many themes,
Intending to anothers hopes and dreams.

Oh how many your spirits will readily soar_
When you act in hearing the cry of the poor.
For wisdom and blessings, adhere to this gem:

By Ezio M. Tozzi

Toz’s Top 10
(For Today….Tomorrow… Forever)
One person at a time….One day at a time….collectively, we Can make this a better world for all humanity.

1. Make good use of your time, talent and treasure.

2. Express gratitude more __ complain less.

3. Many hands make light work __ don’t let yours be idle.

4. Embrace what you can change willingly __ accept your limitations gracefully.

5. We are created for a purpose __ let your light shine.

6. Kindness begets kindness.

7. Our recourses are invaluable __ be a good steward.

8. Life is a precious gift __ be thankful.

9. Keep faith, hope and charity alive.

10. Love with all your heart __ it makes for a better world.